SNHU Business Ethics Essay

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After reading the Module Three resources, evaluate the importance of ethics with regard to brand identity. Why are ethical practices important in reputation management and public relations planning? Support you answer with examples of organizations and brands that may or may not reflect a commitment to ethical practices, open communication, and corporate responsibility.



Textbook: Reputation Management
Chapters 2 and 13

Article: The World’s Most Ethical Companies
Read this Forbes article that recognizes the 2013 World’s Most Ethical Companies and describes their ethical commitment to corporate citizenship and a strong culture of moral actions and principles.

Article: Ford Motor Company Outlines Its Top 10 Green Initiatives
Read this article that describes Ford Motor Company’s commitment to green technology in support of a global sustainability strategy.

Library Article: Ethical Branding and Corporate Reputation
Read this scholarly journal article that discusses the importance of ethics in branding and explores the concept of ethical branding as a link to corporate reputation.

Library Article: Corporate Identity, Image and Reputation Management: A Further Analysis
Read this scholarly journal article that highlights the different dimensions of corporate identity and how they impact and influence stakeholders’ perceptions of the companies.

Website: Our Commitment to the World
View this Clorox webpage that describes the Clorox Company’s commitment to the environment and its dedication to community by positioning the organization as a good corporate citizen.

Article: Corporate Governance
View this Adobe Corporate Responsibility webpage that discusses Adobe’s commitment to the highest ethical standards, investment in innovation, and sustainable business practices.