SNAC Megatrend and Drivers Discussion

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consider information about an organisation by applying the work from Weeks 1 and 2. You will need to select a business in which you are interested (not a government department). Once the organisation is selected you will need to demonstrate that you can: 

Identifyaparticularbusiness/organisation;-SNAC (


Examinetheimpactstrategicallyforthisbusinessi.e.howwilltheyneedto consider the megatrend and drivers to prepare for the NBT (Note: you are not talking about NBT); and 

  1. Demonstrateyouunderstandtrendanalysisandstrategicimpact. 


  1. Being able to predict changes in the workplace and for business is a core skill as a manager. As COMM5010 (Marketing, Management and Strategy) aims to equip you for your future beyond university, this briefing paper demonstrates that you have considered how megatrends and drivers impact strategy. 


  1. Select one of the megatrends (attached) from Week 1 on which to focus and also consider the drivers and how they intersect on this megatrend and with business. 


  1. The aim of this document is to explain to the Board of Directors the Next Big Thing on which they need to focus, how it is happening and how they should develop relevant strategy. The format can be a relatively informal report, with subheadings to show changes of topic. 

Marking Criteria: (please see marking rubric on Moodle for full descriptions of criteria) 

Identifies a megatrend and utilises resources to support analysis of impact 

Identifies an organisation and the specific potential impacts of the megatrend 

Identifies and explains drivers with applied knowledge to an industry 

Able to think of strategic implications and apply these to an organisation 

Structures logically and coherently 

Communicates clearly and concisely 

Presents professionally and references sources accurately.