signature assignment

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  1. When you submit your assignment it goes through Turnitin, plagiarism software, to be sure that your work is less than 20% duplicated from other sources unless otherwise noted. Take time to correct it so the report verifying your work shows a similarity rate that is less than 20% or as required by your professor. You may edit your paper and resubmit it up to three times or per your professor’s directions.

**Signature Assignment**


Write a 2000-2250 word essay describing a healthy, productive learning environment, including (1)space, (2)materials, (3)learning equipment, (4)culture and (5)climate. Be sure to explain each of these in ample detail and include multiple examples. What limitations exist that might impact your ability to develop a quality-learning environment that meets your description? Make sure to reference three (3) citations using the APA writing style for each article. Clearly mark the headings in your paper so the professor knows exactly which topics you are discussing. Include a cover page and a reference page, which do not count towards the minimum word amount.

Total Point Value of Assignment: [300 pts.]

NOTE FROM PROF BROWN: “Culture”, above, is referring to how the home culture of the students impacts the classroom environment to create a classroom culture. “Climate” would refer to the emotional climate of the classroom–what is the classroom like. It is not asking about the weather or temperature.