select one and write a 180 words response to the ques

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Select and complete one topic.

  1. There is a controversy over the validity of recovered memories in cases of child sexual abuse.Find information on the internet about this issue.
    • Do you think this type of memory should be acceptable in the courtroom without any corroborating evidence?
    • Can memories of child sexual abuse be implanted?
    • If so, how can therapists avoid this?
  2. Atypical and paraphilic behaviors are often found in crime TV shows such as Law & Order, CSI, and Criminal Minds. Watch a crime TV show and answer the following questions:
    • Name of the program:
    • Description of basic premise/plot:
    • What underlying message or stereotype about sexuality did the program present?
    • Did it present its message or stereotype visually or verbally? How? Was it effective?
    • Comments: