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Survey a variety of secondary sources available in Focus especially on AmJur2d, ALR, and Law Reviews or Journals. Please pay close attention to what is asked of you for this discussion. I will provide you with access to

Some people claim that the other sources are better than AmJur2d. Others claim that AmJur2d is the best source. Take a position and defend it. Then, switch sides and try to show what you would argue on the other side. Consider ease of understanding, scholarly use of cross reference links, the apparent purpose of each type of secondary source, and the reader’s ability to access a full selection of topics.

You are essentially asked to do a compare and contrast of two secondary sources. In your narrative, you will be explaining the benefits and deficiencies of the sources, first arguing why one is the best, and then arguing why the other is the best. Your posts should include information on each of the two sources, not just one.