SAS programmer research paper help

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I need to write a research paper about a entry level job after I graduate. My major is statistic, so I choose Statistical Analysis System(SAS) Programmer. I assume I probably start in a investment bank, or some company, or government.
The research paper should follow the step list below. around 7 pages. MLA format.

  • Introduction: what the job is. Start wide and narrow to focus your audience’s
    attention to what you will write about, which is described in your research

  •   The day-by-day activities of the job, meaning a snapshot of what people having
    this job do.

  •   What the career offers society; how the job affects the rest of us.

  •   Why people may be interested in this career.

  •   Required education and degrees.

  •   Continuing education requirement(s), if any.

  •   Required licenses, and by what governmental or professional organization.

  •   Legal requirements, such as credentials, fingerprinting or criminal background


  •   Conclusion 

Please use following three link as resource 



If you could use these two link that will be awesome, If not that’s fine


Use other resource if you like, but please use some resource I can find online.

Please write a simple and easy understanding, college sophomore level research paper for me as reference.