Santa Barbara City College Interpersonal Communication Skills Discussion

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Need a written outline and draft for a presentation.


You will orally demonstrate your understanding and application of one major interpersonal communication skill we studied throughout the course and present your information using presentational speaking skills covered in Appendix B of the text. Additionally, you will practice proper outlining format for your presentation.


Think about which of the two skills you learned in this class that is or will be the most useful to you and directly applicable to ONE important interpersonal relationship in your life. Make sure your choose ONE of the following two skills on which to base this presentation assignment:

Ch 3 “I” Language – Be sure to include a request statement at the end- This step is not listed in the

textbook — Use This “I” Language Grid to practice steps

  1. Check Yourself worksheet: Do you know the difference between a behavior and an interpretation? See handout in Module!
  2. Practice writing “I” Statements using “I” language Grid (Step-By-Step Grid) – Make sure if you are doing the skills presentation on “I” language that you include the 5th step on the practice Grid. (Step 5. Make a Request)

Ch 6 Perception Checking Statement – Practice Your Perception Checking Skills worksheet- Great Resource – See handout in Module!


  1. After reviewing the speech directions, please compose a full-sentence, word-for-word outline of your speech.
  2. Remember to include all necessary components as bolded + labeled categories.
  3. Follow the outline template below VERY CLOSELY.
  4. Please see the grading criteria/rubric below.


TEXTBOOK: Hutchinson, C. Interpersonal Communication: Navigating Relationships in a Changing World. Hayden-McNeil.