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Revise your PA based on instructor feedback. Upload final papers here. For the final version FORMAT AS A REPORT. See ECM chapter 22 (Headings) and ch 31 (Print pages) for ideas regarding layout. Use one level of heading (two is optional but do NOT go to three levels).

Because you received comments on your drafts, your revised versions will receive a grade only. Your grade is based on how well you integrated the feedback on your drafts and the quality of your final essay (e.g. part process, part product).

Common problems:Use Toulmin’s method. You must have a clear central argument supported with evidence.

Include some acknowledgment of an opposing position and refute it.

Write cohesive, unified paragraphs that follow TEA/PIE and include evidence and citations

Use Criterion to help with sentence-level grammar.

Your title should reflect your argument/position.

Please use the comment document to revise this essay. comment document is provide by professor.