resume cover letter reference page

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Please add cover letter, resume update and
reference sheet. Make up 3 reference for the reference sheet. Also I am working
on my doctoral degree at Colorado Technical University in Management. I started
2018 and present now. Make the resume very professional and add any jobs to fit
the description that is needed for this particular job.

Employer Relations Specialist
Effective Date: February 2020
Position is full time and funded by Career Pathways Grant through May 2022 when grant ends
General Description
Seeking a professional to work as an external liaison to the (local, state, national and international) employment community developing relationships to assist students with internship, co-op and full time job opportunities. The Employer Relations Specialist will primarily identify internship and entry level opportunities for students and will encourage employers to recruit on campus. The ERS will also support other Career Services Office processes to facilitate the development of these relationships.
• Bachelor’s degree (preferably in business, marketing, education, communications, or related field) required
• Master’s degree and one to three years of relevant work experience preferred
• Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills including good public speaking
• Provide great customer service and possess excellent organizational and time-management skills
• Must possess initiative and be willing to travel to meet with employers
• Manage multiple complex tasks simultaneously
• Basic computer skills required (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and ability to acquire and use additional computer software/systems in the performance of work requirements
Essential Responsibilities
• Develop relationships with employers (private companies, education, non-profit, etc.) and actively promote UWA’s Career Services events to prospective employers
• Provide leadership and oversight regarding a strategic plan for developing recruiting relationships with local, state, regional, national and international employers for all majors
• Manage intern and co-op students and their application process
• Work with local, national, and international employers to locate and develop internship, co-op and full-time employment opportunities and serve as liaison to faculty to help develop, coordinate, and market internship and/or cooperative education positions for specific majors and departments
• Serve as primary liaison with College of Business students regarding career planning services and activities
• Provide career development assistance to students in the following areas: cover letter and résumé writing, interview skills, job searching, etc.
• Assist with events and workshops provided by Career Services including classroom presentations and other related presentations
• Participate in organizations such as East Mississippi Business Development Corporation and West Alabama Chamber of Commerce for information and networking to help UWA students
• Participate in contributing to and compiling reports required by Career Services Office
• Perform other tasks as assigned by supervisor or other university administrator
Additional Responsibilities
• Coordinate with other offices within Student Affairs and other non-academic offices within the University as needed to facilitate employer relations
• Build strong liaison relationships with these organizations and offices that lead to increased student interaction with Career Services and thus more students for employers to hire
• Represent the University at relevant conferences (as schedule and funding allows)
Salary: Dependent upon training and experience; includes excellent benefits package