response to dickinson and one of the Whitman poems, history homework help

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Lit 221

Part I: After reading the
lesson this week, compose a paragraph of ‘reader response’ to the Dickinson
poem and one of the Whitman poems. One paragraph each! Remember, ‘reader
response’ asks that you connect with the poem in some personal way.

Part II: Find another internet
resource ( this might be a text-based website or a Youtube video or a journal
article)that provides some additional insight or helps you understand any of
this week’s poems. Share the link and describe what the resource is and how it
helped you.

Part III: What lines from
“Song of Myself” describe, in your view, something important or
unique about American identity? Copy and paste the lines here and then discuss
your reason for selecting them in a paragraph.

respond to all three parts. Initial responses should exceed 200 words. Feel
free to break up your responses to the three parts over separate posts or days
if you prefer to respond to them one at a time.