Response to a discussion

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I need a 150-175 word response to the following post:

This is usually good because global marketing by standardizing products this can lower the cost that we have to pay someone to make them usually in this case for example, Mexico is a great place because they work for a lot less so their willing to make the product to get paid what is a good amount to them. But the most important of all is effective coordination meaning that the workers have to be precise and know what their doing, they cant mess anything up or have anything be out of place because then the consumers who buy the product will be questioning if that product is worth it. But despite the obvious economies and efficiencies they could gain with a standard product and program, many managers fear that global marketing, is too extreme to be practical. Because customers and competitive conditions differ across countries or because powerful local managers will not stand for centralized decision making, they argue, global marketing just won’t work because of this. However, if that’s the case why is the majority of everything that we buy come from a different country? Because they outsource it from China where it is made and manufactured and that company sells it to us for a wholesale price so we can sell it to our consumers.