Research Topic, Problem, and Question

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This assignment is designed to
guide your thinking about the research process and help you explore
topics that may be of interest or relevant in your practice.

See examples of research problems and questions.

this worksheet to develop your research focus for this course. To help
you better understand the main parts of research, this topic will be the
basis for other assignments in the course.

Identify a Research Topic

Gray, and Polit (2015) define a research topic as “a concept or broad
issue that is important to nursing, such as acute pain, chronic pain
management, coping with illness, or health promotion” (p. 131).

Define your broad research topic in one to two sentences.

Identify your Research Problem

Gray, and Polit (2015) explain that a research problem “is an area in
which there is a gap in the knowledge needed for nursing practice”

Write your research problem and explain the significance and background in a 175- to 260-word narrative.

Develop your Research Question

questions should be short, probing, and take variables into account
(Grove, Gray & Polit, 2015). Although the PICOS format is not
required, your question should address patient, intervention,
comparisons, outcomes for practice, and study design.

Develop a one-sentence research question.


On a separate page

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

does your organization use research? If you are not currently
practicing, how do you think organizations should use research?

(For #2 if you could please add a citation within the paper and cite using APA format please)