Research Paper #2 – Corporate Governance

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n this research assignment, review the letter to the shareholders or a summary statement from the annual report, providing specific guidance on the firm’s direction/scope. Research three news articles on the company.

Write a two-page paper (single-spaced within paragraphs, double-spaced between paragraphs, Times Roman font 12 PT, 1 inch margins) analyzing the shareholder letter in more detail.

LETTER TO THE SHAREHOLDER: Refer to the annual report (10K) and read the CEO’s letter to the shareholder. If you cannot find th the letter to the shareholder, find a summary paragraph or two indicating how the company is performing. In addition to a brief biography of the CEO, briefly examine the board of directors and the corporate governance structure of the firm. Discuss what was learned from this letter and the board of directors regarding the firm’s financial health. Briefly summarize the main points of this letter.

RECENT NEWS: Find two or three recent articles and summarize information regarding the firm. What is the perception of the firm’s financial health and future growth prospects?

REFERENCES: Include APA citations.