Research on Yoga

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Research Project: This project should be on a subject of interest to the student that is related to health, wellness, fitness or nutrition. This project will help teach the student how to research and interpret information on a specific topic.

Discuss what Yoga is and the different forms of Yoga. What the benefits are and the history of Yoga. Why it promotes a healthy lifestyle and the health aspects are.

Conditions for the project include the following:

a. Choose a topic from the list provided to you (see document below)

b. Research your topic using at least 2 different sources (Book, Article, Professional Journal, Professional website)

c. Each student will thoroughly research the topic, using the above sources for references. A professionally-written, 2 page, double-spaced, typed paper will be turned in to the instructor.

d. Using MLA format a correct bibliography citing all references will be attached to your paper.