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Circle of Caring

The Circle of Caring Model serves as a guide that superimposes nursing and medical practice models (Jessica, 2011). The model presents a synthesized approach that incorporates the evolution of the nursing process with the traditional medical model. This multiparadigmatic conceptualization bridges the gap between biomedical nursing practice and theories based in holistic nursing (Jessica, 2011). This model is a pictorial representation of how the nursing process is integrated with the traditional medical model. The main objective with this model and most any other nursing model is to produce optimal outcomes for both the patient and patient family. The Circle of Caring Model is a framework for understanding how Social Behavioral Change interventions, particularly strategic communication, can be used along the service delivery continuum – before, during and after services (Circle of Care Model.pdf, 2017).

The Circle of Care Model is different from that of holistic nursing because holistic nursing doesn’t try to question the validity of traditional medicine practices. Instead, it tries to complement and broaden them to better help the patient during his or her recovery (“Holistic Nursing – Nursing Theory”, 2020). Caring can save the life of a patient, offer a death with dignity, and convey trust and commitment to patients, families, and staff (“Holistic Nursing – Nursing Theory”, 2020). This quote speaks volumes to the commitment that the nursing profession has made to taking care of the entire patient. Caring is exhibited with every patient interaction (“Caring and the Professional Practice of Nursing”, 2020).

Biomedical nursing takes into consideration that disease is defined as a biophysical malfunction and the goal of treatment is to correct the malfunction to cure the disease. This model stresses on the pathophysiology and altered homeostasis focusing solely on the treatment of the disease with little or no scope for the role of psychological or social differences of culture and ethnicity (Potter & Perry, 2005).


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