Reading Group Roles of “Guns, Germs, and Steel”

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Your assignment is to read “Guns, Germs, and Steel” (. Based upon the readings write approximately 200-300 words in fulfilling your assigned role as Discussion Leader, Passage Master, Creative Connector, or Devil’s Advocate. A separate file clarifies the group of which you are a member and your assigned role for this week’s assignment. Upload your completed assignment before class on Monday September 9 and bring a printed copy with you to class.

Passage Master. Your job is to locate a few special passages that are important in the reading assignment. You should type out the specific passages in the document you turn in and put the passage within “quotation marks” with page number. Each passage should be relatively short (2-3 sentences). These may give key information, back up the information given, or summarize the author’s key points. They might also be passages that strike your fancy for some reason, are particularly well written, or might be controversial or contradictory with other passages or other information learned in class. You will need to turn in at least two important passages per reading, including a summary of the passage in everyday terminology (in other words, how you would explain the passage to your roommate), and an explanation of why you think the passage is important