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Follow the directions here, but post this assignment as Journal 6 in Canvas Discussions.

Annotated Bibliography: First two entries (150-200 words each)

  • First, watch/Listen to the PPT lecture about Annotated Bibliographies:
  • Then, check out the resources in Modules—Writing Research Papers—Annotated Bibliographies: There are two very helpful websites here
  • Next, create annotated bibliography entries for the following two articles & post them on Canvas Discussions (as Journal #6) by the due date:
  1. “Fried rice: My Taste of Culture, Home & Family” by Kevin Chung
  2. “You Are What You Eat: Food’s Influence on Culture and Identity” by Allena Avila

Each annotation should be approximately 150-200 words and should include the following:

  • A works cited entry, formatted according to MLA
  • A statement about the authors’ credentials and credibility
  • A short summary that states the article’s thesis and main points, briefly describes the types of evidence/support used, and identifies the audience and purpose of the text
  • An evaluation of the texts’ value, relevance, and quality, and a short rationale on if and why you plan on incorporating this source into your research paper

Remember to use hanging indents for your annotated bibliography entries, and alphabetize your entries according to the author’s last name.

See the two resources in Modules—Writing Research Papers—Annotated Bibliographies. One website has very helpful information with a sample annotated bibliography and a short tutorial. The other is a reference for how to create your works cited entries.