RC Business Law Comparison of General and Limited Partnerships Discussion

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Module 04 Content

  1. ScenarioYour progress and advancement in business have provided you with an opportunity to develop your company. You are very eager about this possibility, and you begin to review some of the potential legal structures (such as sole proprietorship, limited liability company, or corporation) that the new organization may utilize. A partnership seems to be an excellent option, especially because you are aware of others who may be interested in developing and/or supporting this venture.
    As you begin your research, you recall the distinctions between limited and general partnerships. You decide to prepare an executive summary about the duties and the responsibilities of each, addressing both legal and ethical perspectives. You are writing this content now with the expectation that it may be shared with future investors and/or potential partners. If a partnership is pursued, the information may also be relevant in designing a partnership agreement.
    InstructionsWrite a 3-4-page brief proposal that addresses the following:

    • What are the legal and ethical duties and responsibilities of general partnerships?
    • What are the legal and ethical duties and responsibilities of limited partnerships?
    • Which option (general partnership or limited partnership) would you select? Explain your rationale. Include some of the potential benefits and disadvantages of each.

    Be sure to use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and APA in-text citations and references.