Rasmussen College Communication Methods Paper

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Module 05 Content

  1. As a columnist for the publication Business Communication Today, you are writing a blog article critiquing a company’s communication methods. In your article, you will explain that organizations now communicate with customers via more channels than ever before because of the continued innovation in technology. You will explain the importance of well-trained employees for providing good customer service. Finally, you want to make sure the blog post expresses that effective communication is critical to providing good customer service.
    Choose a company that you are familiar with, and then research two channels in which they communicate. This could include communication face-to-face or via their website, email, or social media. Include the following:

    • Describe the company you chose (purpose, product, and service offerings).
    • Explain the two communication channels you are critiquing.
    • Critique the channels:
    • Explain how the company uses the channel to communicate.
    • Share examples of the communication (personal or ones you have found via research).
    • Determine if they are effective via their communication on that channel.
    • Clarify if they could improve their communication via each channel (explain why or why not).
    • Conclude the blog with the importance of communication for delivering excellent customer service.

    Be sure to use a professional tone and format, correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and APA in-text citations and references.