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first read the article on left-handedness from The New Yorker magazine at: and then complete the following items below.

  1. The article mentions several researchers and psychologists who have linked left-handedness to criminal behavior, developmental problems, and medical conditions. What was Norman Geschwind’s specific explanation for why left-handedness might be linked to these problems, and have these theories remained as accepted scientific explanations in more recent years [2 points]?
  2. What were the findings from the study of left vs right handed individuals on the Trail Making Test (TMT B is the harder version they describe) and Letter Number Sequencing tasks? What explanation did the researchers give for the results [2 points]?
  3. What were the recent findings on left-handedness and performance on tasks of divergent thinking and cognitive flexibility [2 points]?
  4. A 2013 study mentioned in the article compares individuals who have strong hand preferences (strongly righty or lefty) versus those who are more ambidextrous. What did they conclude in terms of individuals without a strong hand preference and lefties who might have to be more flexible in adapting to a right handed majority environment [2 points]?
  5. Finally, summarize the findings of left and right handed individuals scoring at the top score ranges for math and verbal SAT tests. What if anything might these correlations tell us about handedness and cognitive abilities [2 points]?


Konnikova, M. (2013, August 22). Sinister minds: Are left-handed people smarter? The New Yorker. Retrieved at the website: