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How can Facebook Groups be effective (especially in 2022) compared to Facebook pages?  What are the differences between the two? Refer to some points from our reading.

Do some research and find an example of a company LinkedIn page that you find engaging, what sticks out to you that is done well?

  1. What is the Sharing vs. Selling rule from our chapter?
  2. 1.In our materials this week, there are some examples of how a Restaurant could utilize Pinterest.  Give some examples of another business that could utilize Pinterest and what types of content you could feature (if you are not familiar with Pinterest, it is part of Assignment 2 to familiarize!).
  3. 2.What are infographics? How can they be helpful for digital marketers to use?

3.Explain what a podcast is.  How can Podcasting be used for marketing a business? 

  • 4.What is a news release wire, how can it be used to spread the word when you put out a release
  • Our chapter outlines some “Ethics of Blogging.”  Explain what these are and give an example of a brand that could blog and how they would follow these ethics, which can apply to many social media platforms too.  Refer to the specific ethics in our material.
  • What are some ways you can grow a blog audience?
  • Find an example of a business that uses great photography on their social media. 

What stands out with this photography?

  1. Do they appear to use real people or stock photography? Which is better?
  2. Does their photography speak to their target audience well, how so

Similar to our assignment around TikTok, download Pinterest (image sharing social network) and Tumblr (blogging).  What stands out to you about these platforms?

  1. Give an example of how these platforms could be used for a specific business and what type of content is most effective
  2. Search the web and provide an example of a brand that has a great blog integrated in their website.  Provide an overview of the blog, explain why the has been a success, and proof of the success the blog has experienced.