Qualitative Review in Nursing

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Qualitative review 2-3 pages apa with 3-5 citations from scholarly articles. link to the article , rubric listed below


O’Brien, M.R., Kinloch, K., Groves, K.E., & Jack, B.A. (2018). Meeting patients’ spiritual needs during end of life care: A qualitative study of nurses’ and healthcare professionals’ perceptions of spiritual care training. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 28, 182-189.
Review the article completely, but specifically tease out specific information about the integrity, trustworthiness, confirmability, and authenticity of the study.
The following podcast provides some excellent information about reviewing a qualitative paper: http://academicmedicineblog.org/peer-reviewer-resources-10-tips-for-reviewing-a-qualitative-paper/ (Links to an external site.)
Moulton, C. & Patel, P. (2014). 10 tips for reviewing a qualitative paper. Peer Review Posts in Academic Medicine Rounds-beyond the pages of Academic Medicine. AAMC.