Put together a stock portfolio based on the attached information

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Your report should be designed in a way to answer all questions in the three parts as described in the text..
It should be broken into three separate parts, typed up, and written legibly. It should be well organized
and well presented. I will deduct points for ill organized reports.
The three parts are to be done in sequence. In Part one, you selected your portfolio. You are to
complete Part (1) before Part (2). In Part I, it is my experience that www.google.com/finance is
the best site to setup your portfolio. Go to that site, click on “Portfolios” on the right hand side,
then click on “Create new portfolio” on top left and set up your portfolio there. In Part two, you
are required to perform some calculation (like obtaining Beta and checking the performance of
your portfolio). You are to complete Part (2) before Part (3). In Part 3, and when we cover
Chapter entitled Stock, you can complete Part (3) anytime you want and turn in your report.