Public Speaking, management homework help

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Should be plagiarism free. Turnitin is used to check for plagiarism. English should be top quality.

Whatever resources you use, make sure to reference them and include intext citations. Must follow scoring rubric I have attached.

Assignment Instructions:

You are a prestigious communications consultant providing advice to famous companies globally on communication related issues. Based on the course content on “Public Speaking”, and the group exercises conducted in class, please:

a) Create a powerful pitch for one of your clients (choose a smart phone company for this). The company’s CEO will present the pitch at an annual business summit in New York – his aim is to inform / convince the audience about the values, principles, mission of the company, also about a new product or a new set of services that the company has just launched on the global market; the pitch should be bulleted – just like in a Power-point presentation; you should note the key ideas, in a clear, capturing way) – (2-3 pages);

b) Develop an addition material where, as a communications consultant, you advise your client about efficient ways to give a professional speech with impact at the above-mentioned event (3 – 4 pages; not bulleted, but full text).

For  assignment, students must use references (books, academic articles, relevant websites). 
assignment must respect the following structure: introduction – where you explain the goal & structure of your paper, the main elements you focus on, the approach taken (1/3 – ½ page), body of the paper (where the main points are being fully analyzed / discussed) and conclusion (where to make some relevant final comments with reference to the treated subject). A reference / bibliography section must be also added at the end of the paper to indicate the consulted titles / authors. 

in case of plagiarism identified: papers will not be accepted (grade will be “0”). thank you