psychology interview essay needed 18 hours


   this a is a 4 pagged paper                                                               

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Developmental Psychology 1: Childhood and Adolescence INTERVIEW ASSIGNMENT



The purpose of this assignment is to better understand human development. The goal of this assignment is to obtain this understanding by obtaining information accumulated through the interview of a child/adolescent and their parent or guardian.


Choose an individual, toddler or child aged through adolescence, this individual should be accompanied by a parent or guardian and with their permission. You may choose to interview the adult beforehand then include the child.



Document why you choose this particular subject and how you conducted the




Describe the pertinent family background of the individual. The environment while  

You were conducting the interview (noting eye contact, body language, attention span, mood and temperament of the subjects etc. as the interview was conducted.



Establish your questions.


Remembering to consider as to what you want to know about the subject. You may wish to inquire as to pre-natal care, delivery, early behavior of the infant, personality, behaviors, likes, dislikes and interests of the subject?What are the parenting styles expected of this childis this a single parent orduel parent household, what are the child’s eating behavior and habits, sleep pattern and “bedtime behavior”?

Does the individual respond to peer pressure? How does he/she get along with others (adults or same aged children) and how does he relate to others?What is the subject’s level of self-control, moral development and awareness of his/her environment and surroundings?  There are many questions to consider and to choose from.

     You will need to have your questions relate to human growth and development and to what your goal is that you are considering for the final written report on this child.


Conduct your interview on a face-to-face basis only.


Document your interview, which may be done as a narrative or in a “Question and  & Answer” format.  


After completing your interview, provide an explanation of this experience. What did you learn from this assignment? How successful was your interview? What was your comfort level doing this interview? How might you have done this interview differently?


  • Papers will be typed, double-spaced, font #12; this paper should consist of 4 or more typed pages. 


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