Psychology Disciplines, assignment help

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I have an assignment paper, and it is a research about a specific discipline of the Psychology Disciplines which are listed below:

Counseling Psychology __

Educational or School Psychology__

Exercise/Sport Psychology__

Forensic Psychology__

Industrial and Organizational Psychology__

Diagnostic Tools/Evaluations __

Marriage and Family Therapy __

Psychiatry/Pharmacology (medicine)__

Art/Music Therapy_

Alcohol and Drug Counseling __

Multicultural Aspects of Psych. __

Career Counseling __

Ethical Issues in Psychology _

This assignment is designed to choose an area of psychology that interests you, that is not discussed in depth, or at all, throughout the Psychology 101 class.

 You have already chosen the specific discipline.


_________  Title Page 

• Accurately written according to APA format as shown in the examples provided

_________Quality of information 

• *The topic was narrowed down, a specificaspect of the discipline is discussed.*

• Summarize the historical roots of this discipline.

• Discuss the future (or possible future) direction of this discipline.

• Discuss current (within the last 3 years) research in this discipline and which theories and research is popular 


• Why you chose this topic and how it interests you

• Interesting/creative title

• You should incorporate your own ideas and beliefs, not only those from the book or articles, but limit this.

_________  Organization of paper 

• Body of paper no shorter than 2 pages, no longer than 3 pages.

• Order of points made

• Steady flow of information

• Written in a professional manner, terminology, correct grammar, punctuation, etc.  No use of slang. Adhere to Reminders below.


• Accurately written according to APA format

• At least three sources used outside of class textbook, and no more than one internet article.  One reference must be a journal article from TU website.

• Cite sources from reference list throughout the paper as you use them, and do so correctly.

Due Sunday by midnight. 
If you are willing to do this assignment please let me know.