psc 309 state politics: research updates

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You will participate in a series of “research updates” throughout the semester. We will be periodically reading the most up-to-date research within state politics, and you must review the research question, methods, and findings in your own words, along with providing original insights of your own. You will follow the CREATE method to help you do this.

All papers must be three full pages with 12 point, times new roman font and one inch margins (double-spaced). You must attach a memo showing your CREATE notes. This does not count towards your overall page count.

reading: for research updates choose one:

Holyoke, Thomas and Jeff Cummins. 2019. “Interest Group and Political Party Influence on Growth in State Spending and Debt” American Politics Research.


Strickland, James. 2019. “America’s Crowded Statehouses: Measuring and Explaining Lobbying in the US States.” State Politics and Policy Quarterly