provide short feed back, book ( the color of water”

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Please read and provide short feed back. taken from the book the color of water.

The value Ruth and James possess is always keeping to themselves and keeping family close. Ruth told James when he first started school was to not tell anyone his business, to always stay close to his brothers and sisters (page 13). When Ruth grew up she didn’t ask a lot of questions because she was raised in a very strict family. Which is why she a little tough on James. The influence of how Ruth was brought up changed her life because she didn’t want to go by the rules of how her family wanted to, which she then shun from. It resulted in her showing James to be independent. Which she tried to show James when she didn’t pick him up from the bus stop. (page 13). I can relate to both James and Ruth because my mother was hard on me when she was raising me. My mother didn’t want me going through with what she went through. My mother also taught me to be independent and to always stick to myself and keep my head up high.