project business law 5 page paper follow the instructions

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I do have the ebook but I can’t upload it

Background: This exercise is geared towards an application of your understanding of the content of Chapter 10 of your Business law text on “Cybercrime”. Cybercrime costs consumers millions of dollars per year, and it costs businesses, including banks and other credit-card issuers, even more. Nonetheless, when cybercriminals are caught and convicted, they are rarely ordered to pay restitution or sentenced to long prison terms. (Group A, consisting of students with last names with A-M, should argue that stiffer sentences would reduce the amount of cyber crime. 1. After carefully reading and reviewing chapter 10; prepare a 5 page paper discussing the topic/issues which falls under your group as shown above. Remember to comply with the MarylandState University Policy on Plagiarism. 2. Structure of your paper must consist of: An introduction, text and conclusion. Your paper must have a proper table of content, pagination, footnotes and bibliography showing what texts you have consulted. Each reference must show the Title, Author, Publisher, & Date.