Professional Memberships

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Professional organizations play an invaluable role in industry. Visit two of the professional organizations listed below and learn about resources and services they offer to their members.

  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners at © 2014 Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Inc.
  • The Institute of Certified Internal Auditors or the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants or other professional accounting association.

Discuss the potential benefits of membership in two professional organizations you visited. Also, discuss opportunities for education and training, and the certifications offered by both of the professional organizations you visited.

Just do response each posted # 1 to 3 down below only.

Posted 1.

Good evening Professor and class,

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners helps the students by providing prep courses and support for the Certified Fraud Examiner, CFE Exam and one-year membership after passing the exam. The membership provides networking, helps with job search and posting resume on the job board. Members also receive an exclusive publication magazine, that is related to current fraud examination classes, rules, policies, and news.

The Institute of Internal Auditors is about 75 years old and have members of over 190,000 worldwide. The membership provides both local and global networking, including access to local chapter events. They also provide training in-person and online, access to archives library.

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Posted 2

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners :

Membership Benefits : The ACFE website offers a membership that can provide you with special tools and training on how to detect fraudulent activity and how to deter from it. They also offer networking opportunities, and even aid in professional development.

Education/Training : Conferences are offered to attend to further education, there is also a list of upcoming training events on the right hand side of the page.

Certifications : Once you have completed all of the required steps that it takes you could then become a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Institute of Certified Internal Auditors

Membership Benefits : Premier access to standards-setting and guidance-producing body of the profession. There are also plenty of networking opportunities.

Education/Training: There are several seminars to choose from, conferences under the upcoming events portion, and face to face training sessions.

Certification : There are offers for one to choose to become a: Certified Internal Auditor, Certified in Risk Management Assurance, Qualified in Internal Audit Leadership, and there are even certifications for Environmental, Health and Safety auditors.

References :

Posted 3

Hello Class,

There are numerous professional organizations in America and from all over the world that provide programs, education, and services with the purpose of advancing education and professional skills to their members. Each provides common benefits in general, but some focus more on their specific areas depends on the type of organization. The two organizations, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) and American Institute of Certified Public Accountant (AICPA) have similar in providing the members with many opportunities in learnings and developing their skills. CFE focusses on anti-fraud resources while AICPA provides benefits to people in the accounting field. Most of the programs are free of charge once the members pay for their membership. Some of the benefits are:

Access to online resources: where members can join and learn from webinars, videos, and articles, etc.

Networking opportunities: members are able to connect to other experienced professionals and experts in the same field through online communities or conferences and so on.

Professional development: members have opportunities to participate online or face-to-face training programs and establish continuing education credits.

Other benefits: resume builder, job search, insights, blogs, and provide courses to prepare for a certified examiner, and many more.


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