Professional Ethics and Responsibilities

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This essay
should be 3-5 pages, and it should be written as if it were me speaking. And it
should include, Professional Ethics and Responsibilities regarding how
a substance abuse counselor and other staff should behave in a workplace, and the “dos” and “don’ts”
when dealing with clients. This essay doesn’t need references because its
suppose to sound as if it’s coming from me, and my experience. Please organize
this essay well. You can also include in the Essay:

Several scenarios
that a substance abuse counselor may experience regarding ethical responsibilities,
such as counselors shouldn’t take gifts from clients, nor should a counselor
give clients anything because it oversteps boundaries between the client and
the counselor.

should not engage in a romantic relationship with clients.

should not violate a client’s confidentiality

responsibilities the substance abuse counselor should have when servicing
his/her clients.

And whatever
else is best suited for Professional Ethics and responsibilities you may think
is appropriate.

Please use
this as a first paragraph to this essay:

I would like
to obtain prior learning credits for having my CASAC T. The topic which I’m
going to write about in this essay is entitled Professional Ethics and
Responsibilities (3 credits, liberal, advanced) In 2009 I attended outreach
training institute located at 117-11 Myrtle Ave, Richmond Hill NY, 11418.
Throughout the 11 month duration, I completed 350 hours training to obtain my
CASAC T.  While attending the CASAC T
training we explored many useful topics but the topic in which we are going to
discuss is Professional Ethics and Responsibilities  . We also participated
in many hands on activities, which will be beneficial while working in the
field of substance abuse.