Prepare a Paper from information gained by reading the book, In-N-Out Burger, by Stacy Perman that addresses the questions below:

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  • WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS: All written assignments must follow the APA writing style.

These guidelines apply to all papers unless otherwise specified.

Refer to website for details. Other web sources are also available.

The APA writing style format requires 12 pt. font size, Times New Romantype style, double-spacing, citation of references used in body of paper, a title page, an abstract, headings for each section of the paper, and a separate reference page.

An abstract is required for all papers. The abstract is written after the paper has been completed and includes a statement of the purpose of the paper, a brief summary of the problem or case, the scope and method of analysis, and a summary of results, conclusions, and recommendations. The abstract should be one to two paragraphs of three to four sentences each, be concise, and follow the title page of the paper and be on a separate page.

Example of an Abstracton a paper on ‘self-evaluation of my readiness to be a manager’:

“This paper evaluates my readiness for the role of a manger. The framework for the evaluation was the 4 essential skills, the 4 functions of management, and a review of my experience in management and/or leadership roles. A Meyer’s Briggs personality assessment was used, to assess the suitability of my personality type for management.

The paper concludes that I am generally prepared for a role as a manager but need to complete my college education, and gain some additional management experience by doing an internship. Leadership skills and better planning skills were found to be areas requiring further development.”

Thelengthfor all written assignments is to be between five and seven pages double-spaced(excluding title page, abstract, and reference page).

All papers must include a minimum of four (4) credible outside references.The course textbook can be used as one of the references if referred to. Sources need to be credible and copying from sources is not permitted. If material is quoted or directly taken from a reference source, the source must be cited in the body of the paper as well as on the reference page.

Safe-Assign©will be used to screen all papers for plagiarism. Any paper with a Safe-Assign© rating of 15% or higher will not be accepted and a grade of ‘0’for that assignment will be given. Students can review their papers with Safe-Assign©, after submittal and correct any issues and resubmit as long as this is done prior to the due date of the assignment.

Where examples are required in papers, they should not be taken from the course textbook, from prior written assignments, or from discussions boards. Original examples are required.

The body of all papers should include:
1. an introductionexplaining the purpose of the paper and how the topic will be covered;
2. Background explaining the background of the case or subject;
3. Analysis and discussionsections for each of the major categories of the analysis;
4. Conclusions and recommendations-the conclusions reached based on the analysis and any recommendations;
4.a Summaryto include the key points of the paper in a brief paragraph or two.

Headingsshould be used for each of the sections of the paper and centered on the page. Headings makes the paper helps to organize the paper and has a more professional look.

Paragraphs should be of reasonable length and not rambling, and cover one major point. There should be a transition between paragraphs so that there is a logical flow to the paper.

Make sure that the hyperlinks are removed from all web sourceson the reference page and in the body of the paper, and that the papers are spell and grammar checked before submitting. Use proper and professional words when writing papers; slang words are not acceptable.

All written assignments will be graded based on:
1. Content(clarity, resources used, completeness, accuracy, and use of logical arguments based on facts presented and theories and principles applied);

2. Properformatting (APA writing style format, sentence and paragraph structure, referral to references used, use of headings, and general organization); and

3. Grammar(proper use of words, caps, punctuation, and spelling).