Pre-historic art – Hall of Bulls

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For this assignment please follow the instructions below. For this assignment you will need to use book titled Art History by Stokstad and Cothren, 6th edition, Volume 1 Pre-historic art – Hall of Bulls In your text this work of art is located on page 11, fig.1-11 which is attached. Infortunately the book is too big to attached. Please no plagerism,no copy and paste only original work. Below is the Pre-historic art – Hall of Bulls Instructions for the report which should be 250 words . Answer all 5 questions. I attached the chapter 1 powerpoint to help

Report #1 – Pre-historic art – Hall of Bulls
In your text this work of art is located on page 11, fig.1-11. It is approximately 15 feet
in length. Paint on limestone is the medium and is located in Dordogne, France.
15,000BCE is the approximate date. Using the title of this work of art, you can find it
using the index of an older version of our text and on the Internet.
Directions for a report:
The minimum word count requirement is 250 words. If you want to earn more than the
minimum or the full 25 points please provide more detail and depth in your answers to
each question below. Please list only the numbered answers in your report. No other
information such as your name, my name, the name of the class, the title of the film,
etc. are ever required. Only the answers you write will be counted in a word count.
These works of art are all in the most current version of our text and can be researched
by doing a search on the web for better images of them. I ask that you please read
about them prior to writing this report. Please be informed and learn.
Please provide answers to the following questions:

1. Describe everything you see in this work of art. There are animals in the image,
please count them and let me know how many there are. Please identify each type of
animal you see. 100 words .
Describe the visual element of line used in this work of art. You are required to follow
these directions. Only line is assigned and is required. No other term is assigned.
Please look up line online and review visual examples of it.

2. What qualities of line are used in this work of art? 100 words

3. Where is line located in the work of art? 100 words or more

4. What was created with line? 100 words

5. What is this work of art about? What is it communicating? 100 words or more . You are required to read about this work of art prior to writing this answer.