porcelain dolls research

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Create a Research Paper showing what you researched.

Research Topic: porcelain dolls

The research paper should be a minimum of 6 pages and use at least three secondary sources (nothing like Wikipedia, please). The last page of the research paper will be an MLA-format Works Cited page.

For example, since the topic is on porcelain dolls you would look up who the earliest doll makers were: what were their names? their stories? Maybe you would have a section on Leon Casimir Bru. Maybe another section on Henri Chevrot. Etc. And you also need information about the dolls: What were the dolls made of? Who were they made for (in other words, were they meant for all children, or wealthy children, or adult collectors)? Were they made in workshops or factories? Etc. Your research paper would include as much information as possible about these early dolls and the stories associated with them.

1. cite all the sources you used.

3. there should be an a. introduction

b. body paragraphs

c. conclusion

Here are some additional questions you can answer: who invented it? Where? Are there any examples or pictures of ancient porcelain dolls? How did porcelain dolls change over the years? What is different about today’s porcelain dolls? And so forth.

Take a look at the two research paper examples attached so they can help you out.