Police One’s Website and review the “Illustrated timeline: Policing in the U.S.”, History fourm

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Go to Police One’s Website and review the “Illustrated timeline: Policing in the
U.S.” infographic, located at http://www.policeone.com/misc-law-enforcement-topics/articles/4506020-Illustrated-timeline-Policing-in-the-US/.
 Be prepared to discuss.

From the e-Activity, determine the manner in which major conflicts and police
brutality contributed to the reform era of policing. Justify your response with
one (1) example from the timeline.

  • Identify two (2) fundamental problems and issues associated with the
    political era of policing. Next, determine the manner in which these problems
    and issues led policing from the political era into the community era. Provide a
    rationale for your response. 

    Many Central and Eastern European countries have experienced totalitarian
    governments where the national police forces were often used to intimidate and
    rule citizens. This gave many police forces a bad reputation and the police were
    seen as part of the problem, rather than as the protectors of individual
    freedoms of expression, religion, or association.