Please read "When Poop Goes Primetime", article on Actor Observer effect (up to page 83), and Burnett’s article on anger:

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1) Explain the actor observer effect. How is this relevant to how we judge the behavior of others? Provide an example from your own life to explain.

2) a) Find an example of where a person or organization was a target of “online shaming” (using a news story from the past couple years, and include a link to the story). Provide a brief synopsis of the situation and the aftermath. Did you feel that the online shaming was necessary in this case, or not? Did it lead to a positive results? Use 2 of the class materials assigned for this week to provide support for your opinions.

b)What thoughts and ideas do you have about how to reduce the negative impact technology can have in these types of situations? List any ideas that would apply to your case, or the other cases discussed in readings (e.g. “dog poop girl”).


The article is attached, please read till page 83

second article is attached as a link…