Please read Case Study and answer questions

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1. To what extent is Tom neglecting the idea that client needs come first and that his goal is to please the client

2. Should Tom be direct with Deborah and tell her that she is consuming too much time for the amount of business the hospital is giving his firm?

3. What advice might you offer Tom to maintain a goou relationship with Deborah without the relationship be- ing too disruptive to his own work schedule?


Please write it on word doc.

Double spaced

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  • To be successful with the case studies, it is important that you be able to synthesize and analyze appropriately. It is suggested that you do the following to ensure greater comprehension – (1) Preview and read the case. (2) Identify the problem (3) Determine the variables that are inclusive within the problem (4) Identify potential constraints and overall organization objectives (5) Differentiate the assumptions and develop a qualitative or quantitative technique that can be used to develop a solution (6) Analyze and critique the solution (7) Determine the most appropriate course of action, and formulate a plan for sustaining this action.