please explain how you got your answers go sendspace linkdavisdq2scenariodocsuppose youre me

PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW YOU GOT YOUR ANSWERS! GO TO SENDSPACE LINK BELOW! Davis_DQ_2_scenario.doc Suppose you’re at a meeting like this and don’t have your computer: ANALYZE THIS SCENARIO BY HAND (using the cheat sheet on page 3) and dialogue about it and the questions it contains! [AS A CLASS, help each other learn the ins-and-outs of the IChart] [The main purpose of this scenario is to “learn the math” on a relatively simple example and to help deepen your thinking in looking at “typical” everyday meetings involving data/performance] 1. QUICKLY answer the questions at the bottom of page 1. 2. Next, begin to consider the questions at the top of page 2 and begin to answer them by doing the analysis as suggested by the process on page 3. 3. I hope that by the end of the week, AS A CLASS, you will be able to clearly answer the questions at the bottom of page 2. GO TO THIS LINK FOR QUESTIONS!!!! SAME POST AS BEFORE