Please answer the following questions below thoroughly about Social Entrepreneurship

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Please answer the following questions below. Each answer is worth up to 10 points. Your grade on each question will be based on the quality of your response, reference to sources(s) used to support your answer, and demonstration of your understanding of the topic. Sources may include articles, TED Talks, lectures, power points, speakers and your own research. The maximum grade for the exam is 100 points. You are welcome to discuss the questions with other students in the class.However, the answers must be your work product.

1. Identify and describe the four (4) types of foundations.

2. We have read several articles on the role of business in creating social value and corporate social responsibility.What is your view on the role of corporations in addressing social and environmental challenges?Identify at least two sources that support your position.

3. Describe the concept “Bottom of the Pyramid” and its impact on the business community.

4. Describe the spectrum of enterprises outlined in Alter’s typology of social enterprises

5. Describe the critical elements that should be considered in scaling a social enterprise.

6. According to IRS regulations – what percent of a foundation’s endowment must be given away in grants each year?

7. What is a non-profit organization?What can be done to expand its effectiveness?

8. What is a B Corporation?How is it different from other corporate forms?

9. Describe “Impact Investing” and its role in attracting resources to social enterprises and organizations that seek to create social value.

10. Identify and describe two innovations that you believe will impact social value creation in the future. Why do you believe they hold promise?

11. Which role do you believe could be the most effective for you to create social value?(Investor, social entrepreneur, business leader, donor/philanthropist, consumer, non-profit leader, volunteer, board member of social enterprise or nonprofit). Why do you feel this way?