PJM310 (2 discussion forum responses 150-200 words each w/ APA citation)

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Please respond to the 2 responses below in 150 – 200 words with an APA citation: The first listed is my initial submission followed by a response from my professor to my submission.

The 2nd submission is that of a student that I need to respond to as well.

Hello Class,


project baseline is a line that is used as a basis for future

estimation. The term baseline is used to refer to a project plan that

has been approved and accepted in project management. A project baseline

is a requirement for a project or a manager who needs to monitor and

evaluate the success of a project (Lin et al., 2018). In the absence of a

baseline, there will be no probability of making a comparison of the

current state of the project in relation to the original measurement.

The key to operating with baselines is to not to change the baseline

whenever there is a minimal adjustment to the schedule. Preferably, when

the baseline of the project is determined, it should remain without

change during the duration of the project. Nevertheless, it is, at

times, inevitable to change because of a new necessity that means a

major adjustment to cost or scope (Ljevo et al., 2018).

A baseline of a project is an essential tool for managing
the performance of a project. It offers essential historical
information or details that may be utilized for the enhancement of
future performance. In a situation where there is a necessary
contingency, there should not be any changes made to the baseline at any
particular moment. Making a change to the baseline in such a situation
would cause ups and downs meaning that the project should be completed
within rational parameters.


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Thank you for your post! In what aspect would you not adjust the
baseline? Can you think of an example where you would have to tell the
client “no”?

Professor XXXXXX

Hello Class,

project management, the baseline for a project is essentially the
initial part of a project plan. If there were no baseline, then
performance measurement and earned value analysis would not exist for a
project. According to Wrike, Inc. (2019), a baseline is a fixed
reference point to measure and compare your project’s progress against;
this allows you to assess the performance of your project over time.
Schedule, cost and scope are the three key parts in a project baseline.
They are individually examined, measured and reported to make certain
they stay on track. Once the schedule, cost and scope are completely
combined, it may possibly be known as a performance measurement baseline
(PMB). PMB delivers the capability to resourcefully display and
accomplish how a change in one element affects the others.

For the duration of the project execution, there will be
modifications to the schedule and scope of effort which will affect your
performance, supply plan and baseline. Only when authority has been
given, during steady intervals is when a fresh baseline may be set for
your project, which is known as a baseline revision. Once a new
baseline has been set, the performance history should not be lost.
Appropriate baseline practice produces worth and integrity for the
project. Baseline revisions may be required due to performance
deviations or because of changes to the scope of work (Safran, 2019).
Revisions to the baseline should only display the variations from the
present phase. Past performance cannot be changed, this protects the
integrity of the historical data of past performance (Safran, 2019). In
addition, when this happens it will not change the historic part of
your contract.



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