Photography when considered an art, art & design homework help

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Photography may not typically be considered an art, but it truly is.  Photography has progressed rapidly since its beginning concepts that can date back to Leonardo da Vinci.  In it’s infancy, Joseph Nicephorus created what was considered a photograph.  Scientists had discovered that certain chemicals were sensitive to light. Joseph Nicephorus recorded a piece of paper against a pewter sheet and made the first photograph. Many artists tried different ways to create a picture, but it was not until 1864 when Julia Margaret Cameron created a portrait with actual people visible and recognizable. It took some time for people to accept photography as an art form. In 1905, Alfred Stieglitz open his gallery and founded a magazine for photography. The more advances and society changed, the more people wanted photograph images.  Photographers began to use their work just like an artist would, by using light and shapes.  New lenses were developed to assist the artist or photographer in capturing his art.  Beauty was embraced by some photographers for enjoyment.  Other photographers used their art to express social issues such as the depression.  Soon color photography was developed by the Eastman Kodak Company (1932). Photography can be a vehicle to spread beauty and joy.  It can also be a way to share news around the world with visual art.


Printmaking is an art form that has been around for awhile.  it is especially a thriving business here at my current location due to the military. So what is printmaking you might ask?  In a nutshell, you can look at it as making multiple copies of one specific image for what ever reason. Most people will automatically think of paper when you say print. The matrix of the print is what Printmaking artist use to create these copies on wood, metal or stone. The groups of images are called editions. June Wayne and artist explained it best, “it is a work of art, usually on paper, which has siblings”. The Idea behind printmaking, is that you can make multiple copies that end up being less expensive than sculptures or paintings. They are used for anything from religious to political objects. Having multiple copies means that the art piece can be in multiple places at once. I happen to be a fan of wood engraving. Boxwood is use mainly for  type of engraving due to its density. The engraving is accomplished by metal engraving tools. Rockwell Kent was said to be one of the best American artist. He created “Workers of the World, Unite”(page 131, fig 8.5). I chose printmaking because naturally we will think of images being copied on paper not thinking about other types of printmaking like wood or metal. It takes a certain type of skill to blend the white and black texture and darken or lighten it to appeal to  art viewers.