Personal Reflection Response

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Personal Reflection Response Discussion Board Assignment

Assignment: Attached below: In another country by Hemingway

After you read the t selected pieces of literature, write a one page guided reflection. Answer the following questions in paragraph form. Your response should be at least 1 page in length and use proper MLA format and (heading, header, Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced) and documentation. Your questions do not need to be answered in order. Answer the questions organically as your response progresses. Be sure to properly document all sources using MLA documentation, including dictionary entries.

  • What is “the reading” about? Give the simple and most obvious answer. (Substitute title of piece for “reading”).
  • Is there an experience of your own of which “the reading” has reminded you? Describe it.
  • What is the most important “word” in the “reading”? Look it up in the dictionary and define it. Explain your choice.
  • What is the most important statement or line in the “reading”? Directly quote the line if it is short, and paraphrase if the quote is long. Use an in-text citation that lists the page number (or line number). Explain your choice.
  • What word, not in the “reading,” would you say best explains the “reading”? Define the word and explain your choice.
  • Pretend that the “reading” is not about the subject you mentioned in #1. Pretend that there is something else, less obvious, that the “reading” is about. What is this “something else”? Define the word and explain your choice.