Part 2: Executive Summary, Revisions, and Recommendations

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Part 2: Executive Summary, Revisions, and Recommendations
Due Week 10, Sunday (Weight: 25%)
During Weeks 7-10, we have explored a number of leadership topics from the perspective of leading in
organizations. The assignment will help you integrate what you have been working on throughout the
course. Make use of all you have learned since Week 1, including your personal leadership style, the
DiSC, TKI, etc. You will need to formulate your recommendations with a consideration of the time and
resource constraints described in the case that have the potential to undermine the trust the team leader
is seeking to build.
For this assignment, you will continue your analysis of the Blake Sports Apparel case by providing an
Executive Summary, revisions to the problem and analysis, and recommendations for improving
teamwork and resolving conflicts more effectively. You will also have the opportunity to improve Part 1
(Problem and Analysis) based on the feedback that you received from your instructor.
NOTE: Since this component of the assignment is a continuation of the work you completed for Part 1,
you should continue your work in the same document that you submitted for Part 1 (Problem and
Analysis). Even though the Executive Summary comes first in the paper, it is often written last since it
presents a synopsis (or overview) of the entire paper.
1. Read the Blake Sports Apparel and Switch Activewear: Bringing the Executive Team Together case
2. Write a paper that addresses all of the following:
a. Executive Summary: Briefly summarize key points of the paper:
• What is the problem or issue?
• What are the possible causes of the issue or problem?
• What solutions do you recommend?
b. Problem and Analysis from Part 1 of this assignment: Implement any feedback that you
received from your instructor.
c. Recommendations: Acting as a leadership consultant to Cameron Barker (and
applying principles and practices from this course), what recommendations would you
make to improve teamwork and resolve conflicts more effectively? Use the questions
below to guide you:
• What can Barker do to increase trust and improve communication?
• How can Barker incentivize the teams to improve alignment and meet
their collective goals?
• What can be done to make team meetings more effective?