one question answer about latino worker in the us (be your own opinion, don’t use outside references)

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Answer one question:

Explain the culture of work that the Busboys created and sustained with in their work group at the restaurant in Chicago(why they embraced it and what they hoped to accomplish in promoting it) and the extent to which it helped and hindered their interests on the job.

Your answer should address the following: To what degree do the busboys control jobs and the flow of information about jobs? How do they do it? how do they managed it? why do they take on this responsibility? what’s in it for them? Also,using the busboys example, how do immigrant workers evaluate the quality of their jobs? What are they looking for in an employer? what collective information do they use to determine which jobs they should and should not take?

use the reference that I give to u, don’t use others, you can find all information in the week 10 and 11 folders

be your opinion , the length up to u, more than 2 pages, be a right answer–logical and coherent paragraphs —also have introduction and conclusion