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“Education: When is it
important and under what circumstances is it not?”

Address the following based on the
Instructor Insights, lecture, and Webtext materials

  • Thereis a
    longstanding belief that education is a critical element to escaping poverty.
    This belief is very popular in the United States and is pushed throughout the
    developing world. There is some truth to this belief, but it depends on the
    circumstances of the individual, the country, the type and subject of the
    education, and needs of that education.
  • For example, to be a surgeon requires
    extensive formal training and education. Surgeons hold an important and
    prestigious position in society. But while all that is true, what if your car
    broke down in the middle of the desert and you do not need a surgeon but rather
    could use a good mechanic or tow truck?
  • Education is not always relevant or
    appropriate for the circumstance. This is true based on the country in question,
    the needs and circumstances surrounding the economy in a country, as well as the
    individual and skills being sought through that

Consider the
following when crafting your response:

–  Outline the
most significant obstacles to obtaining an education in developing countries.
Suggest at least two (2) reasons why education should be a priority in the
developing world and why, perhaps, education in a developing country is NOT a

–  What are some
significant overall strategies–aside from building more schools–that can help
people escape poverty through education?

–  Where
(realistically) can the money come from to pay for education in developing

–  What are some
cultural aspects regarding education the hinder a country’s development or hold
people back from escaping poverty?

–  What kinds of
education may be needed in a developing country? Be specific the country,
culture, and type of education. (e.g.,
are women allowed to be educated in some countries/cultures? What about
countries that practice the caste system?)

–  Why is
education sometimes not the best choice for escaping poverty? (i.e., think opportunity, skills needed, and
local situation)