Need help with a discussion in geography of Economies

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The first posting must be the more substantial contribution and be made before reading the DB postings of the class, be at least 2 full paragraphs in length, address the topic/question for the board, clearly demonstrate that at least 3 PBS Frontline World films were viewed and reflect references to content from the textbook

Please read the chapter on economic geography (industry & services) in your textbook and then watch three relevant Frontline World (available at or W.H. Freeman films and incorporate them into your discussion

  • Please discuss why different types of industries can be expected to locate in specific geographical contexts around the world by addressing one or more of the following questions: For example, why might iron and copper industries locate in different areas than automobile, beer producing or baking industries? Why has the distribution of steel and/or textile industries shifted geographically during the course of the last several decades? Where have these manufacturers moved from and why? Why have steel and/or textile firms moved to certain locales and why? And finally, what have been the most dramatic changes in global industries in the last several decades and why? Please discuss some of these changes in some detail.
  • Please discuss why different types of service activities can be expected to locate in specific geographical contexts around the world (or in the United States). How can various sort of geographical theories or models (central place theory, market area analysis, etc.) be used to select or predict the location of various types of services? Please discuss one or more of these issues in some detail
  • Here is the information of the chapter

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