Need health and medical help with 507 Unit 3 Assignment- Legislator Letter

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Hello. So this is a group assignment but we are each asked to do a different part. The instructor wants us to write our state legislator a letter regarding a policy change, which in our group is ( Right to die with euthanasia methods). What we have to write about is 

  • The current policy structure. — 
  • The need for the change. —- 
  • The suggested change. —- Amanda
  • Cost implications if the change is implemented. —-
  • The role the nurse as a change agent will take at the policy table. —- 
As you can see, what I have to write about is the suggested change, regarding the topic above, right to die with euthanasia methods. It doesnt have to be too long, as I will add it to the paper that includes the other parts mentioned above. But all my part is, is SUGGESTED CHANGE. I think I kind of explained it as best as I could, but if you do not understand please let me know. Please, add references/citations. Thanks