Need business and finance help with Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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Complete the following:

  • Assess the impact of corporate social responsibility policy on the workplace and the corporate world.
    • Assess how, and to what extent, corporate social
      responsibility can be coordinated with an organization’s obligation to
      maximize profits for its shareholders.
  • Identify a potential ethical issue at a real-world organization.
    You may use the organization and issue you used in the first and second

    • Assess the ethicality of the organization.
    • Identify the major stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities regarding the issue.
    • Assess the potential impact of the organization’s choice to
      address or not address the issue via corporate policy. Address the
      financial and legal impacts of this choice on the organization,
      employees, and other stakeholders. In addition, address the potential
      impact on the organization’s reputation.

Rendtorff, J. D. (2009). Responsibility, ethics and legitimacy of corporations.
Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen Business School Press.

  • Part 4 is particularly applicable to this assessment.