need 12 hours hs amer govteng pick 4 articles and answer 3 questions current events

For Amer Govt / Eng- Choose 4 Articles and answer the 3 question for each article chosen. Pick the Article  from:,,, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Suntimes, etc.


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Per attached sheet, Please give the Title of Article/ Date, and answer the 3 questions:

1. What is the subject matter(issue) of this article and why it is important and significant?

2. Which purpose of government does this article represent? Explain.

3. What is your opinion/reaction/solution to the issue addressed in the article? Do you agree with the author? Explain.


This is for my so as he is behind in Amer Gov’t due to the death of his grandfather..I am trying to help him


Please do not take assignment if you cant complete in 12 hours or less…It is not hard


****YOu must Choose 4 Articles, Name the Article, Date, answer 3 questions for EACH article, so that is 4 X 3 questions = 12 short answers required