More Evidence of the Safety and Effectiveness of Vaccines, writing homework help

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1. Read “More Evidence of the Safety and Effectiveness of Vaccines” ( (Links to an external site.) 
) and write a one-paragraph summary of the entire article, no more than
350 words, capturing the main ideas and major evidence, without
quotations or plagiarism.

Suppose you are writing an article about the effect of internet culture
on students today. Read “Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital
Age” (Links to an external site.) ,and
write a one-paragraph summary of just enough of the article to help
support make this point: “students’ absorption into internet culture
creates a mindset that leads to plagiarism.” Again, do not summarize the entire article; just summarize enough to support the focus point. No more than 300 words for this; you may use one quotation.